The Epic Texas Research Roadtrip, Part 3

San Antonio, Laredo, and Mechanical Problems.

My scanner broke before I could reach Big Bend, so I detoured east to San Antonio. Here’s the Alamo, which is located incongruously in the heart of a modern city. I was told by a Texas historian that the iconic cornice wasn’t even on the building during the famous battle of the Texas Revolution.

The life-size set of the Alamo built for John Wayne’s The Alamo (1960) is still standing in Bracketville, TX. Known as the “Wayneamo,” it’s supposed to feel much more authentic because of it’s remote location, but it’s currently closed.

The San Antonio River runs through downtown, creating the River Walk. A good place for a near-miss between Pete and Larry.

Went to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. This was the men’s room sign.

Impulsively I decided to head south to Laredo, the southernmost city in Texas. Bad idea. 20 miles before getting there LGLRV-1 bit the dust in a cloud of blue smoke. This was the last I saw of it in a Laredo transmission shop. The shop had to call someone on a cell phone to translate English to Spanish for me.

I had to leave LGLRV-1 behind in order to finish my research trip in time. At Laredo airport I rented the only car available for a one way rental to Dallas. This was LGLRV-2.

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