I-90 Floating Bridge, 1955


This is one of my favorite spreads from A Ticket to the Pennant, a children’s book I’m working on set in south Seattle of 1955. It features the iconic Indeginious-meets-moderne facade at the west end of the I-90 floating bridge. It was designed by sculptor James Wehn in 1940. The two rounded portals used to be east and west bound, but since the expansion they’re now both eastbound which, unfortunately, makes it hard to view. My father, West Seattle High School class of ’60, calls them “the tubes,” and says street racers used to drag race in the tunnels in the 1950s (statute of limitations expired) because there was no cross traffic. My father drag raced legally at Puyallup Raceway, for the record. The dashboard is from the 1949 Plymouth he owns currently.






DSCN0229-1 DSCN0248

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