Sicks Stadium, 1955

pencov1Recently Sasquatch Books hired me to illustrate a children’s book called A Ticket to the Pennant, written by Mark Holtzen. It’s a story about the beer company-sponsored Seattle Rainiers baseball team winning the Pacific Coast League pennant in 1955. Set in Rainier Valley near long-gone Sick’s Stadium, the story provided me with a great opportunity for researching 1950s Seattle. I’ve discovered so many interesting things –some included in the book, many not– that I wanted to blog some of  it here for posterity. Starting with the cover, featuring the main gate on the northwest corner.

Photo Jun 24, 1 24 09 PMI found this fanciful early, art deco conceptual design in the MOHAI photo archives. You can see some toned down art deco elements in the finished stadium design.

Two aerial shots of Sicks Stadium. I don’t have dates but the top one is clearly older. The trees are still above the gates. Even though the trees were probably present in 1955, I left them out for a cleaner composition. Rainier Avenue runs along the right side.

Roll-Sicks-Stadium-air-view-e1313959861560 960x540 Sicks' Stadium Sign 001
The Rainiers neon sign. Sometime in the 50s, based on vehicles. We’re not sure whether the sign was actually there in 1955 (it was built around that time) but it was too iconic to leave out. I even used it on the endpapers.



th (1)


The Angels came after the Rainiers.

Rainiers Book Cover Images, 5-10 015

Exterior, main gate. 1940s? With apostrophe (Sicks’) and trees over the gates.


1970s, without apostrophe.


This is a view of our hero, Huey, sprinting south on Rainier Avenue toward the stadium. The car in the street is the Mount Baker Cleaners truck, seen here.


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