Clementine Wants to Know…

IMG_0380I’m pleased to announce an exciting new project I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s an interactive storybook app called Clementine Wants to Know… available now for iPad and iPhone (Android any day now). I’ve been working with the people at Puddle Tap and we plan to do a series of Clementine apps. For the first one we tackle the Big Question: Where do babies come from? (Warning: this tells the whole story of conception in medical detail with words and pictures. If you’re not sure where babies come from you’d better look through the app before showing it to your child!) Content was developed with sex education specialist Meg Hickling, RN.

clemClementine is a curious girl with a magical talking camera, Zoom Zoom. Using her camera she (and you, the viewer) can zoom in to a microscopic level, see through walls and inside a human.

momClementine’s mom is having a baby. In this scene Zoom Zoom can see inside her body and scroll through the 9 months of fetal development to watch the baby grow.

streetThis scene is the frantic drive to the hospital. I illustrated the elements on different layers so everything can whiz by just like the chase scenes in old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. It’s been a blast to see the people at Puddle Tap animate my artwork, some of the best animation I’ve seen done specifically for an app.

babyAt the hospital you get to cut the umbilical cord. (Spoiler: It’s a boy!)


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