Story Tellers at The Works

image2Unfortunately I only have cell phone photos from the Story Tellers show at The Works Gallery in Newark, Ohio. The show was like a virtual reunion for me because so many people from my days at Disney Consumer Products were represented. (Show ends on October 11.)

image15A renown local illustrator of the early 1900s, Mary Sherwood Wright Jones, was represented. This rendering of a public execution caught my eye.

image9My old boss, George McClements.

image11Antoinette Portis (who hired me at Disney), author of the award-winning Not a Box, among other books. She shared a lot of interesting development art.

image14The terrific Tim Bowers, an Ohio native.

image8One of Carlo LoRaso amazing Disney bronzes. Carlo, aside from being another DCP alum, also curated the show.

image5image6Some of my art along with development and research.

image1This is a sketch I did for The Works’ fundraiser. It features a local Newark, OH landmark. The First National Bank has a carved face over the doorway that is actually a likeness of Civil War veteran and alleged arsonist who burned down the previous building at that location.

And what visit to Newark would be complete without a visit to the giant basket?



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