The Blue Dart and the 8th Dwarf

imageThe following is from my forward for the comic book 8, The Untold Story (available for purchase),an original comic written by Larry co-author Michael Mullin and drawn by me.

Comic books captured me at an early age. My father passed down to me his golden treasure chest toy box. How could anyone resist the enticing contents of such a glorious vessel? It contained 1950s-era Dell, Disney, and –best of all– DC superhero comics. I read and re-read those comics, significantly reducing their resale value with each grubby interaction. I learned to draw by copying them and probably learned to read from them.

Soon I was creating my own superheroes. The earliest (age 9) was the mysterious Blue Dart. Now you might be thinking that he sounds a little like Green Arrow but let me disabuse you of that notion right now. Green Arrow uses trick arrows, whereas Blue Dart uses trick darts. And green is a secondary color while blue is primary. I hope that’s been laid that to rest.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to draw a lot of things but somehow never got back to comics. So I want to thank Mike Mullin for the chance to work on this. I have so much more respect for the pros that produce books like these month after month. Especially those team books with dozens of characters like Justice League and Avengers. I mean, EIGHT dwarfs? What, seven weren’t enough? You only need three, max. One tall, one fat, one short, like the Chipmunks. Bam.

bluedart1P.S. I can’t help but notice that, despite the originality of a character that uses trick darts, the Blue Dart uses no darts in this story and he barely appears. I’m sure the scene of him holding onto the cables was supposed to be the big action sequence, but I spent so much time setting up the conflict that he got crowded out of his own story. (I also wonder if I harbor subconscious hostility toward my brother?)

And here are some pages from my second attempt at a comic book, 8, The Untold Story.


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