Prince Prospero


While designing Prospero it became obvious that my attraction to Poe’s “Red Death” was due primarily to Roger Corman’s RED DEATH –the 1964 film starring Vincent Price.

The short story describes him briefly, “the Prince Prospero was happy and dauntless and sagacious.” (Sagacious means wise, old. I had to look it up and I think it was an arcane even for Poe.) No physical description whatsoever, but we know he’s a hedonist so we can assume he’s a jolly, well-fed guy. I also found myself a little sympathetic toward him. In the story he doesn’t do anything overtly cruel or evil. He makes the best of a bad situation by walling himself off from the plague and letting the wine flow. Of course his effort is futile, but his failing (denial of death) is a common human one.

However, a plump, jolly Prospero just didn’t work for me. It was Vincent Price’s sly, satanist prince that attracted me in the first place. He was the  template for Prospero.

Again I’m using the unique features of ebooks to get two layouts out of one.

PrintThe first spread shows a nubile servant pouring wine. Then she disappears and the rest of the copy appears.



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1 Response to Prince Prospero

  1. love your blog
    We recently moved to Seattle – in order to help my son look froward to the new city his speech therapist gave him the book “Larry gets lost in Seattle”
    We had a staycation recently and did it based on the book
    Thank you for writing a really wonderful book
    Days of “Larry gets lost in Seattle” : Seattle Staycation Part 2

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