Making eBooks with Moglue, part 2

RD4 Initially I thought the story would come to 11 pages with lots of room for big illustrations. After importing the text it netted out to 12 fairly dense pages. Some redesigning is required. Fortunately with ebooks there is no fixed page count, it can just expand as needed.

Moglue’s font set is so-so but they’ve got a Bodoni clone so I’m fine. However their type editing is poor. Unlike every other font-handling program I’ve used there’s not a resizable type block. When the copy is pasted in it appears as a single line that runs off into infinity. You have to double-click at the desired width to break the line and create a paragraph. If it’s the wrong size just undo and try again. I know that children’s books are light on copy but this is ridiculous.

RD3Photos of the iPad preview.

On the positive side, I was able to do a couple of pages with really beautiful effects. On page one the red copy slowly fades in on a black field. First, “The Red Death” then the rest of the sentence, “had long devastated the countryside” and the rest of the paragraph appears. It’s eerie and dramatic like the opening prologue of a horror movie. The big white arrows (above) are placeholders.

Spoiler alert ahead if you haven’t read the short story.

The second effect is near the end. Prospero has fallen dead on the floor, killed by the Red Death. I did a bird’s eye view illustration of him laying in a pool of blood (top). By combining two simple animations, a slow rotation and a slow shrink in scale, it creates a beautiful pull back, like a crane shot in a movie.

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2 Responses to Making eBooks with Moglue, part 2

  1. Chuck says:

    I enjoyed reading your two Moglue posts as well as the rest of your blog. I’ve been trying to read everything I can about Moglue. Information is sparse for a product that’s been out for a little over a year. I have a question for you. The canvas seems to have a fixed size. When I preview on my Kindle Fire the canvas does not take advantage of the full size of the screen. It displays centered with about 3/4″ of unused space on either side of the screen while in landscape mode. Is the same true for your ipad previews? Do you know of a way to change the canvas size to match the device display size?



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