Larry Gets Airborne

Larry Gets Lost in Portland (now on sale) was probably my favorite book to research. It’s the first book where Larry’s journey is possible to recreate on foot in a single day.

But I couldn’t find an aerial shot of the city to use for my splash spread so I took my first ever helicopter ride to get the shot myself. As you can see there’s still quite a bit of license involved. My lawyer tells me that Larry books should never be used as a substitute for traditional navigation aids.


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2 Responses to Larry Gets Airborne

  1. Annika Finds Larry says:

    Sounds great! So what date/s should we plan our trip to Portland to coincide with a “LGL Portland” book-signing appearance (at Powell’s?) and follow Larry’s latest adventure trail?

  2. The Powell’s event is Saturday September 15, 11-12am.

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