First Look at Twin Cities

Here are some finished spreads from Larry Gets Lost in the Twin Cities (copy not final). The family first searches for Larry in Saint Paul, crossing the High Bridge.Then they see the Capitol Building and the Peanuts sculptures of Rice Park. Charles Schulz, aside from being Saint Paul’s most famous citizen (IMHO –F. Scott Fitzgerald is a close second), was a huge idol of mine so I wanted to pay tribute to him. We’ll see what the lawyers think…They pass Mickey’s Diner (a registered historic landmark) and the mansions of Summit Avenue.

But where’s Larry?



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2 Responses to First Look at Twin Cities

  1. janderoo92 says:

    We were in Twin Cities this August. Introduced Lydia to fudge, me to pit barbeque. Something for everyone. Did we criss-cross again like we did when you lived a mile from us on Geary?

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