Alaska, Part 1: The Aleutians and Rusty Tusty

For the first part of research for Larry Gets Lost in Alaska I took the Alaska Marine Highway from Dutch Harbor, Unalaska to Kodiak Island. A 3-day ride by ferry.

The Aleutians are a chain of volcanic islands with very few trees. The green color is a low grassy ground cover. The way clouds nestle in the topography is hypnotic.

A bald eagle I saw on a morning walk in Dutch Harbor. They’re extremely common, like crows. See sign below.

Be careful while putting up your satellite dish.

Walking around Dutch Harbor.

The beautiful Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of Christ, built in 1896. Almost all the small villages of the Aleutians have an old Russian Orthodox church and cemetery, signifying the Russian settlement of the islands dating from the mid 1700s (Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire in 1867).

This is my ferry, M/V Tustumena. The Rusty Tusty.

You can rent a cabin at extra cost or you can just camp out on deck. This tent was held down by duct tape.

This is the tiny Pitch and Roll Bar aboard the Tustumena.

One of our stops. The city of Akutan, population 89.

Notice the Russian Orthodox church and cemetery.

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One Response to Alaska, Part 1: The Aleutians and Rusty Tusty

  1. Can't wait to see the next book! Congrats on all your success, John!

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