The Epic Texas Research Roadtrip, Part 4

Corpus Christi, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas

The pace increased after ditching the ailing RV for a rented Camaro. It was a stormy day when I arrived at Corpus Christi.

I can picture Pete peering into this shark’s mouth, looking for Larry. (Palace Beachwear and Gifts, Corpus Christi.)

These abstract sculptures of jet fighters near the beach in CC may also end up in the book.

Heading into Austin at sunset.

Austin, the state capitol, features the capitol building centrally to the city’s layout. Some sketches for the book, including the famous Congress Avenue “Bat Bridge,” which is home to about a million bats. I really loved Austin.

Next, Fort Worth. The historic stockyards are the destination to which cattle were driven at the end of all those famous cattle drives cowboys were always on. The stockyards and surrounding town have been preserved in a facsimile of “old west” condition, including an old steam locomotive and some real Texas longhorns.

Some cool signage from Ft. Worth.

Dallas. That red Pegasus you can barely see on top of the Magnolia Hotel used to be a major landmark in the Dallas skyline, reportedly (but not verifiably) visible for 75 miles on a clear night. The Magnolia Company later became Mobil Oil.

The climactic finale of the book will occur at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

Big Tex will make an appearance.

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