The Epic Texas Research Roadtrip, Part 1

For the herculean task of researching Larry Gets Lost in Texas –yes, Texas, the whole state, to answer the most common question– I borrowed my Dad’s ’87 Aerolite mobile home and started heading south from Seattle on a rainy winter day. When I did the above sketch and whimsically dubbed it LGLRV-1, I didn’t know that there would soon be a LGLRV-2. But I’m rushing the story.

It says something about how many times I’ve traveled I-5 that I actually have a favorite rest stop. It’s right here, near Guistine, California. I-5 is flat and straight for miles, so the state has built up this huge mound of land and put a scenic lookout on top where you can see I-5 from horizon to horizon. The weather had improved markedly after getting out of the Northwest.

Here’s the real LGLRV-1.

And here’s Larry on his way to Texas.

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