The Larry Gets Lost Holiday Gift Guide

There’s hardly any need to further flog these books on this site –but I will.

Larry Gets Lost in Seattle
Over 23,000 copies sold.
“Simple language and appealing artwork.”
“Charming illustrations…you learn a little about each spot Larry visits.” Seattle Child Magazine
“This book is my 2nd favorit book I like the picters my sistter and brother and my mom like it too.” Julia, age 5. Barnes & Noble / Amazon

Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco
“The story’s colorful, retro-inspired illustrations bring the beloved city highlights to life, and make them seem magical again even to a jaded city kid who walks past them every day.” Reviewed by Red Tricycle
Barnes & Noble / Amazon

Seattle ABC
“One of the best ABC books about Seattle…” Rachel Hart, Editorial Director of Seattle Magazine.
Barnes & Noble / Amazon

Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles
Now available! Featuring everything from Randy’s Donuts to Pink’s Hot Dogs.
“Several times, I have found my daughter flipping through this book looking at the pictures… the perfect gift for any child…” Reviewed by Flying Giggles and Lollipops.
Barnes & Noble / Amazon

The Larry Plush Toy
The only place I could find this online is through the Sasquatch Books site, but it is also available in Barnes & Noble and Made In Washington Stores.

Pebbles Daddy’s Girl
Barnes & Noble / Amazon

Pebbles Conquers Camp
Barnes & Noble / Amazon
A couple of Pebbles Flintstone books I did with Charles Carney. They’re beautifully printed over-sized hardcovers with dust jackets.

A Chipmunk Christmas
This was my first children’s book. It’s based on the animation style of the original 1961-62 TV series “The Alvin Show,” so it has a fun, retro feel. It comes with a CD of 5 Chipmunk Christmas songs. Out of print now, but you can still find it on Amazon.

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