Book Expo

These are the Larry Gets Lost books on display in the Sasquatch Books booth at Book Expo in New York. I was signing books and posters on Saturday. In an effort to butter up book buyers, my editor came up with the gimmick of having me do sketches of our customer’s book stores.

After my shift in the booth I walked the show and mysteriously found the comic book area. Imagine that. Robert Kirkman, author of the zombie epic The Walking Dead, was signing books. I was just hanging around when a publicist filled my hands with free Kirkman comics so I got in line to get them signed. (Since Book Expo is aimed at book buyers, the free swag leaves Comic Con in the dust.)

Here’s a photo of Kirkman signing my books. At the very moment he was signing, I noticed that pink book on the table right behind him. The funny thing about that book is that it’s one of the Flintstones books I drew for Warner Brothers in 2008 and I didn’t even know it was out. It’s the very first time I’ve seen it.

More on that book later.

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