Children Abandon Me

Larry Gets Lost in Seattle was nominated for a 2009 Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award last year, but I never heard how that worked out. Assuming that they would have told me if I’d won, I began to assume the worst.

On the Washington Library Media Associations website, I discover the bad news. Not only was I in the middle of the pack, but a whopping 30,296 votes separated me from the winner. Look at the commanding lead for Chester! I’ve seen tighter races in North Korea.

As the name implies, the Children’s Choice Picture Book Award is voted on by school children, and, alas, they have spoken. Thanks to all 3144 of my supporters.

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3 Responses to Children Abandon Me

  1. Hang in there buddy. It was an honor just to be nominated right? ; ) Congratulations are certainly in order here. Well done.

  2. Hi John. I recently picked up “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle” and I love it. I wish I could have voted in that contest for you. I did just give it a glowing write-up on my own off-the-beaten-track blog though – check it out at http://robchristianson.wordpress.comIf it’s any consolation, I like Melanie Watt’s “Scaredy Squirrel” books better than “Chester”. More of my art style, I guess. =)Anyways, kudos from a fellow illustrator and I hope to check out more of your books in the future. I love your Retrodyne web site, btw. =)

  3. john skewes says:

    Thanks for the kind words, but I doubt I will ever recover from this humiliation.

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