Adios, Los Angeles

Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles is done, done, done, off-to-the-printers done.

The very last fire to put out was one of those good news/bad news situations: my editor called and said that suddenly I had a budget to do endsheets (one color)–and two days to get them done. I scoured the book for every piece of architectural signage and made a neon collage, similar to those scenes in old film noir where a guy would be staggering drunk through the streets of a city with a bunch of neon bar signs swirling around his head. There’s a great parody of this (as well as most other aspects of film noir) in Steve Martin and Carl Reiner’s Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

It was a nice bonus because I’d spent a lot of time creating the vector images for all the signs on Hollywood Boulevard, but the way the layout worked out they were very small in the finished book. I was happy to get a chance to blow them up good.

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