Miscellany from NY

Larry Gets Lost in New York
is slowly taking shape. I know how it begins and I know how it ends, so now I’m working toward the middle (similar to the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, as I learned today). This being New York City, I’ll run out of pages before I run out of landmarks. The editing process is going to be like getting a bowling ball through a garden hose.

An early cover concept:

A couple of early roughs from the book. I start with the layout, then Mike writes the verse to the layout. As you can see, due to my epic laziness –er, pursuit of increased productivity, I’ve started dropping actual photos into the rough as placeholders for art.

Some sketches unrelated to the book.

This poor old woman at the bottom has a “halo” device due to a fractured vertibrae. She said she fell off a curb and broke her spine and her ankle (I think there are some details missing from that story now that I think about it). She’s worn it for one month and has 5 more to go.

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