Larry Gets Lost in LA

Finishing up the Los Angeles book, going to New York tomorrow to start Larry Gets Lost in New York.

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7 Responses to Larry Gets Lost in LA

  1. nkubo says:

    hi john. love all your stuff. can’t wait to see the new book! hope all is well.

  2. Jeff Harter says:

    Fun. Who is this for (Publisher?)Are you actually going to NY?

  3. john skewes says:

    I’m in New York right now.My publisher is Sasquatch Books in Seattle. I just heard that Larry Gats Lost in San Francisco and Seattle ABC are back from the printer, but I haven’t seen them yet. So, like it or not, all the mistakes are permanent now. Both are available for pre-order on Amazon! 😉

  4. Michelle says:

    Just bought “Larry gets Lost in San Francisco” for my 3 1/2 year old daughter. We read it every night. She loves it! I am going to New York tomorrow and was going to look for it, but I’ll have to wait until it comes out on Amazon. Thanks for writing it!

  5. john skewes says:

    Thanks, Michelle. What store did you find it in?As for New York, you’ve got a little wait. I’m still drawing it.

  6. I just received a copy of Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles. My daughter and i both love it. I am not sure who sent it to me, but I am sure it was to review on my blog. I will have the review up soon. Now I want to read all the others! Great job covering all the main attractions here in LA, love that you even got Pink's Hot Dogs in there!

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