Larry Gets Lost the Musical –No, Really!

The 5th Avenue Theater has produced a traveling musical show called “Northwest Bookshelf 2.” Larry Gets Lost in Seattle was one of five books included. On October 14, accompanied by four 2nd grade classes, I got to see a performance in the Microsoft Auditorium at the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library.

In the gender bending theatrical tradition of “Peter Pan,” the part of Pete was played by a woman. Larry was a stuffed dog.

The singing, original score, and live accompaniment were all amazing.

My favorite joke from the book survives: the actress holding the pile of coats is playing Frank Gehry’s EMP building.

If you want Northwest Bookshelf 2 to visit your school, contact the 5th Avenue Theater.

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2 Responses to Larry Gets Lost the Musical –No, Really!

  1. That’s so cool John! How rewarding! Congratulations, that must’ve been fun to watch.

  2. john skewes says:

    It was definitely fun, and a bit surreal. If I knew people were actually going to read the book I would have dome a better job.

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