Larry Plush Toy and Other LGL News

Sasquatch Books has signed on as the exclusive distributor of the Larry Gets Lost® plush toy, which will be available at your finer Larry Gets Lost® retail establishments this Christmas. Sales for Larry Gets Lost in Seattle continue to be strong, just passing the 15,000 mark in it’s fourth printing.

One cover illustration, four or five art revisions and a day’s worth of file conversions are all that stand between me and completion of Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco and Seattle ABC. Knock wood.

The sidebar has been updated to reflect the new titles and my plans going forward. This fall I’ll do Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles –or should it be Larry Gets Lost in L.A.? (Angelinos please weigh in.)

Next year, Larry Gets Lost in New York. Initially I was intimidated by NYC and thought I might delay it for a couple of years, but NY has the biggest potential customer base, so why wait? That will be followed by Larry Gets Lost in London, so that it can be published in time for the 2012 Olympics. I did some research in the London book market and I think there’s a great opportunity for Larry.

After that I’m going to take a nap.

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2 Responses to Larry Plush Toy and Other LGL News

  1. spenceman says:

    None of your other cities are acronymically abbreviated so from a consistency angle, I’d stick with Los Angeles… from an educational perspective, spelling out the name seems like the right thing to do. If, however, you’re appealing to residential fan base, LA is appropriate. But none of those people read so it’s doubtful your target audience will be any the wiser.

  2. Nice work John…and a big Congratulations to you.Can’t wait for the new book.

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