New Book

I’m happy to announce that Sasquatch Books, the publisher of the Larry Gets Lost books, has just bought a fourth book. Tentatively titled Seattle Alphabet City, it’s been fast tracked to come out in Spring of 09, simultaneously with Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco. It will feature the Larry and Pete characters from Larry Gets Lost in Seattle.

These are pages from the pitch. It’s the first time I comped a book completely in Illustrator without sketching it out on paper first. Obviously, the font and everything are just place holders.

I learned two interesting things:

First, we may not be able to use Alexander Calder’s Eagle (the big red metal sculpture) on the cover due to copyright issues with the sculptor. Lawyers are currently investigating. The sculpture resides in the awesome Olympic Sculpture Garden, which was completed after LGLiS –otherwise I would have included it in that book. I don’t quite understand the legal issues involved. It seems that I should be able to do a drawing of a public piece of art, but maybe if it’s on the cover, I’m seen as trying to make a profit from it?

Second, when book buyers look at an alphabet book, they immediately turn to X and Z because they’re the most difficult letters. Z is obviously the Woodland Park Zoo. But if you want to find out what X is, you’ll have to buy the book.

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4 Responses to New Book

  1. Anonymous says:

    owner of Retrodyne inc.I have a very serious question for you.Do you have any summer projects?- big publishing company

  2. Holly says:

    Yeah! Soo glad you are back in Seattle!

  3. john skewes says:

    This book IS my summer project!

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