It’s Official

I just signed the contract for two more Larry Gets Lost books. Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco (Spring 09), and Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles (Fall 09).

Sales for Larry Gets Lost in Seattle have been good. The first printing sold out, and it’s going into it’s third printing. Belatedly I’m producing some product, starting with a Larry plush. Unfortunately, not in time for Christmas.

[Prototypes by Sunrise Identity.]

A plush needs a hangtag, and a hangtag needs a logo. So it was time to pull together some sort of branding for Larry. The line needs to look cohesive going forward. Being my first book, I made some mistakes on the Seattle book that I want to revise, so it will always be a bit of a graphic orphan. If Larry is going to become a continuing series, I can’t let the design of the first book determine the look of entire series by default. (Someday I’ll talk the Publisher into revising the cover.)

Working with Mint Design on this, whom I will credit with finding the London Underground font. Perfect for a book series about cities.

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3 Responses to It’s Official

  1. Congratulations! I didn’t know you did a book. I’ll have to pick it up. I just picked up George’s book, have you seen it? This stuff looks great, John. I think that logo and font toally work. This thing could be HUGE!

  2. john skewes says:

    Thanks, Ryan. I think George has a few books out. Jeff Shelley too. I’m just trying to catch up!

  3. Yeah, George has 3 books out, and another one coming out next spring. I’ll be sure to pick yours up.

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