San Francisco

I’ve been home from SF for two weeks, but so buried in work that I haven’t been able to start work on Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco. Most of my clients were out of town for Labor Day, so I finally got a chance do some roughs. These are scanned sketchbook drawings color blocked in Illustrator.

At the beginning of the book, Larry & Co. cross the Golden Gate Bridge (2-page spread).

Below is one of the first ideas I had for the book (so it will probably get axed). Sam Wo’s is a 100 year-old greasy restaurant spoon in Chinatown. Because it’s cheap and open late, it’s a well-known last stop after a night of drinking. (For Seattlites, think Dick’s Burgers.) It’s a tiny, 3-story shop which you enter through the kitchen. Meals are sent upstairs by dumbwaiter.

More on the way. See Larry Gets Lost in Seattle here.

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One Response to San Francisco

  1. oh John- I love Sam Wo’s! They are so famous for being rude too….but the food is mediocre at best. You only go for the experience

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