My art show and book signing are at the Art Institute of Seattle tomorrow. After a sleepless week of neurotic tweaking I think it’s finally done.

I’ve always had a fantasy about attending my own funeral so I could hear people saying nice things about me (presuming they would). Putting up the show was a bit like that because students would come in and talk about the pieces, not realizing that the sweaty handyman hanging the art was actually the artist. I got to hear people say a lot of nice things, but it’s always the negative comments you remember. Bastards!

These are spreads from “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle,” my new children’s book.

Because it’s just an exhibition and no pieces are for sale (except for the book!), I had to keep costs low. So I went for an informal look, hanging smaller pieces and develoment sketches with binder clips, giving it a working artist vibe.

These are the Bubbletown soaps-on-ropes. (I think that’s how you pluralize it.) Mr. T, Homer and the tiki. Mr. T always gets the biggest reaction.

A poster I did for the AIS alumni show last year. The smaller pieces are T-shirt graphics I did waaaay back in the early 90s.

My CASABLANCA logo treatment for Warner Bros.

Pages from my previous children’s books, some unpublished.

The world famous Homer Simpson Shower Radio.

Some personal pieces.

Some older work. A trade show invitation for International News (it oragamically folds into the shape of a shirt), and some samples of “Movie Geek Comix” from the 90s.

A Mickey Mouse toaster and plush Tuck and Roll from A BUG’S LIFE.

Some character design work.

An inflatable duck infant tub –with a slow leak. It’s going to look like a melted candle by the end of the show.

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2 Responses to Miscellaneous

  1. SCWEBER says:

    Wow! Your whole art life up on a wall! Way to go! My exhibit of that would be so f___ing boring! Where is it in Seattle? I’ll have some friends come by and compliment LOUDLY!

  2. SCWEBER says:

    Ooops… nevermind… all the info is there!

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