Larry Gets Lost

Over the years I’ve worked with many talented artists and it’s fun to visit their blogs to see what they’ve been up to. So I thought some of them might want to see what I’m doing.

My long-awaited (by me) children’s book is coming out, “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle.” It’s available through Amazon and will be on sale in Seattle book and gift stores in May.

As a kid growing up in Seattle, I fondly remembered “The Weedle on the Needle,” a children’s book that explained the red light on top of the Space Needle at night. That big hairy thing that used to be the Sonics mascot was, in fact, the Weedle. In the intervening decades there hadn’t been any other prominent children’s books about Seattle, so I rushed to fill the void.

Some visual cliches of the Northwest were unavoidable, but I tried to violate convention by using a juicy, candy-colored pallette.

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2 Responses to Larry Gets Lost

  1. stolenideas says:

    wow, this is an identical concept of the childrens book:”Nina and Madison ride the bus in Seattle”which came out over a year ago and is also available through Amazon.

  2. john skewes says:

    Did you happen to check the date of this post?

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