Introducing Elliott


I’ve been working on a new book about a new character, Elliott the Otter. The nice people at the Seattle Aquarium have allowed me to hang out and draw their otters for inspiration. They’re amazing animals that seem like a waterborne hybrid between a dog and a human. Their front legs have adorable, round little fingers and their back legs have huge, long feet that they curl up or cross when they are floating on their back.

2_3Elliott the Otter has got it in his head that he’s the one running Elliott Bay. (Truthfully, nobody really knows who Elliott Bay is named after, so maybe he has a point.) Nothing would happen without his helpful supervision. Here’s a sneak peek.


6_7Look for Elliott the Otter in spring of 2015.

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Fan Mail

Untitled-11Thank you, Natalie. I did like it very much.

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Portland ABC


Portland ABC just arrived from the printer. It’s the second ABC book in the series (after Seattle ABC), but this time we tried a new format. Square, a bit smaller, and –in a career first!– a spot varnish on the cover.

Because the structure is less narrative the ABC books provide an opportunity to push the art in a more graphic direction. Peter P. Plasencia’s Space Alphabet is a masterpiece of minimal two-color design and inspired the look of Seattle ABC. I considered limiting Portland ABC to two colors plus black, but it just didn’t feel like a Larry book. Each spread is approached as limited color (from 2 to 3) but the book has a typically Larry-like range of colors.






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Larry Gets Lost in Washington, DC

14_15I’ve had more pre-publication interest in Larry Gets Lost in Washington, DC than any Larry book so far. I even sent a pdf of an early draft to one family that was headed there on vacation and just couldn’t wait.

We just sent off to the printer. I’ll post more art as the publication date approaches in Spring 2014.



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Larry Gets Lost in Philadelphia

Phicov1Somehow I’ve neglected to post about Larry Gets Lost in Philadelphia! (Now available) Let’s remedy that immediately.

_titlePhillie is still using old fashioned metal tokens on public transport. On the title page I wanted to capture that as well as acknowledge the iconic L Train. A clumsily cribbing of  M. Sasek who did it better in This Is London.

6_7The great cheese steak showdown: Pat’s vs. Geno’s. Much like the Chicago hotdog (Larry Gets Lost in Chicago) or the New York pizza (Larry Gets Lost in New York City), my books require exhaustive research into the local cuisine.

20_21The Barnes Foundation and Love Park.

Though some might wish otherwise, the Philadelphia Art Museum and Rocky Balboa will be forever linked.


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baseball1My nephew, the original model for Pete, now 10 years old and at Little League practice. His blonde hair still sticks out under his cap.

baseball3 baseball2

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Larry Gets Lost in Prehistoric Times Book Trailer

Larry is ready for his closeup. Here’s his very first book trailer. My friend Ava Schwartz provided the voice talent and Rightchuss Noize did the music and sound effects. Thanks everybody!

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